Complaint Resolution

Complaint Resolution / Feedback

Razzia encourages EVERYONE to observe a 24 hour cooling off period before submitting any complaints. This gives everyone an opportunity to calm down and reflect on the situation and can help us avoid a potentially unfortunate public confrontation, especially in front of children.

We want to work together to help make Razzia the best club for your player. In order to do that your feedback is always welcome, but please make sure to provide that feedback in the proper setting. Our best effort will be made to address your feedback in a fair and consistent manner.

The complaint resolution policy Razzia observes is as follows:

  1. If appropriate, first ENCOURAGE your child to speak to their coach! This will help your player develop critical problem resolution skills and foster the relationship between the coach and the player.
  2. If step one has already been completed or you feel is not appropriate please address the issue with your teams Coach AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME (away from training sessions and games).
  3. If you feel the issue has not been resolved after speaking with the coach please contact the Director of Coaching, currently Jeff Scholes , who will work with the board if needed to resolve the issue.