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Parking at Bennion JH

By Dave Calderwood, 09/25/19, 11:45PM MDT


Don't park in the fire lane or you will get a ticket!

Hello Razzia family,


It has come to our attention that we have people parking in the fire lane of Bennion Jr. High on practice and games days. Although it may be the guest visitors, we want to ensure that it is not our Razzia parents that are parking there. This is a fire hazard lane and MUST be clear at all times. If there is an injury on the field, medical responders need to have this lane open to get to and from the field efficiently. Police are and will be ticketing to ensure that we are following the rules and parking in the designated parking areas.


We know that the back parking lot is a jaunt from the field but we must utilize this parking lot to keep everyone safe. For a map showing where you can park please see the fields tab.


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Thank you!